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Handwashing Can Help Protect Against Coronavirus

Industry publications Nation’s Restaurant News and QSR Magazine cite PathSpot as one of the main tools restaurants can use to protect themselves from the impact of COVID-19.

As handwashing experts, we’re working with our customers and major institutions everyday to ensure they are fully prepared for coronavirus and taking the correct preventative measures. The #1 way for restaurants to reduce the rate of transmission is to provide the correct facilities to enable staff to practice good hygiene, and ensure effective supervision of staff to reinforce hygienic practices.

The PathSpot Contamination Monitoring System enables real-time handwashing feedback (on both quality and quantity) by scanning users hands’ for dangerous contamination. The system also collects data, so management teams can easily monitor and ensure proper hygienic practices are carried out at all times, in all locations. By analyzing this aggregated data, PathSpot identifies gaps in sanitation compliance and informs customized trainings for specific locations, shifts, and individuals. As an example, maybe an employee frequently forgets to scrub under their fingernails — or doesn’t leave time to wash their hands as they arrive for their shift. PathSpot empowers managers to provide actionable, targeted feedback and builds a positive culture of individual accountability for sanitation, which is incredibly important during an outbreak like COVID-19.

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