Marketing During COVID-19

A couple of weeks ago, we created a checklist for preparing to welcome guests in the new normal. One of the items on that list focused on communication and marketing. Whether you’re partially open or partially closed, you can use marketing channels to communicate operational changes to your loyal customers and even run creative campaigns that attract new audiences. Here are just a couple of ways you can proactively market your business during this time.


If you’re still offering delivery or pick up services, consider adding a coupon that can be used for the customer’s next order to incentivize future visits. This is also a great time to leverage your website so customers who don’t feel comfortable dining out can purchase gift cards and still support your business!


Engage with your social media fans by hosting fun virtual events. Are your customers asking for recipe videos? Have a bunch of trivia questions you’ve been saving? Stream it!


Show customers what’s going on behind the scenes and what a typical day at your restaurant looks like. Given that cleanliness is, “probably going to be the single-most driving factor when we come out of this crisis,” this is the perfect opportunity to communicate how you’re encouraging proper hygiene practices for your staff. For example, PathSpot partners have leveraged social media to explain how they use the hand scanner to ensure their staff is free of harmful contaminants and can, therefore, confidently serve their guests.

So, how else can you use PathSpot as a marketing tool? Along with the hand scanner, we provide two visual cues for your restaurant and staff: window decals and “My Hands are Clean!” pins. Leverage these tools to market to foot traffic and communicate your commitment to hand hygiene.

pathspot_adminMarketing During COVID-19

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