Monitor and Track Your Handwashing Trends

Identify risk and create a culture of safety with unlimited access to real-time handwashing data at the team or individual level.


Train your team to achieve 100% health and safety compliance by setting and tracking handwashing goals specific to your company objectives, as well as CDC and FDA guidelines.

Goal tracking and handwashing data is visible both on the PathSpot Dashboard and directly on the Hand Scanner screen so team members know if they’re on track to meet hand hygiene standards. Using PathSpot’s Handwashing Goals feature and Compliance Dashboard, you can set a standard of handwashing performance for your team and gauge how closely they are matching the expected metrics.


With 24/7 access to PathSpot data, all levels of management trust PathSpot to be their second in command. Instead of relying on direct observation and manual processes, managers are able to track the frequency and effectiveness of handwashing by reviewing aggregated or segmented data organized by brand, geographical location, date, time, and handwashing station.

Based on management level, Tiered Enterprise Access empowers users with access to PathSpot’s handwashing data specific to their role.

89% of managers report that PathSpot saves them time by pinpointing risk and removing guesswork.

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You will receive:

PathSpot Hand Scanner with wall-mounting hardware, a power cord, installation guide, and PathSpot manual.

Three “Wash, Dry, Scan” tiles as well as access to training materials and signage to integrate into your existing handwashing trainings and standard operating procedures.

Access to real-time handwashing data and actionable insights.

Optional individualized tracking through codes or RFID badges.

Dedicated account manager to provide tailored support services, such as goal-setting sessions and data reviews.


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