PathSpot drives measurable impact to help businesses meet their hygiene and safety goals.

Increase Handwashing Frequency and Quality

With instant detection of contaminants and the ability to set goals, PathSpot encourages team members to wash their hands effectively at all necessary points.

PathSpot increases handwashing to 110% of FDA recommendations within three months of installation.

PathSpot triples handwashing frequency in just 60 days.

PathSpot technology has helped reduce contamination rates by 75% in just two months, with a 97% reduction after six months of use.

This data was collected from select PathSpot partners.

Customer Testimonials

Let PathSpot be your co-manager, monitoring your handwashing compliance while you focus on your business’s bottom line.

Improve Operational Efficiency

With automated reminders, real-time feedback on every handwash, and actionable insights, PathSpot empowers managers and leaders to make continuous improvements to their hygiene and safety practices. Learn more about how PathSpot can help track and improve your handwashing. >


Second detection of contaminants

After each scan, users receive an instant result about the effectiveness of their handwash, empowering them to take corrective action when needed. Learn more about PathSpot’s real-time feedback. >


Of managers report that PathSpot saves them time

Spend less time monitoring safety and sanitation practices. PathSpot equips managers with the needed tools to measure the quality and frequency of their team’s handwashing.


Of team members report PathSpot made them think more critically about hand hygiene

PathSpot increases team engagement and brings hand hygiene top of mind for all team members.

This data was collected from select PathSpot partners.

Slide “Thank you for the post, with your new upgrades, sounds like you are taking this seriously to protect your business plus your customers. Will drive from Hazel Green to eat with you. Thanks.”

– Lynda H
“Thank you for caring and going the extra mile to keep everyone safe. Hopefully other businesses will follow your lead.”

– Mary H
“Our relationship with PathSpot has given us the tools to measure and improve our sanitation practices. But more importantly, working with PathSpot has created an even greater overall sensitivity to and awareness of food safety in our restaurants.”

– Colin McCabe, Co-Founder, Chopt Creative Salad Co.
Slide “This is awesome - my mom has been terrified of delivery food, but it’s great to have some guidelines for how to do it safely! Now if only my favorite restaurants had PathSpots…”

– Lindsay H
Here’s How Your Brand Should Prepare for COVID-19

“… Effective monitoring tools are key in fighting coronavirus. These could be technology-based tools—like PathSpot’s scanner, which is placed on the wall beside handwashing stations and detects invisible contaminants—or additional human management.”
“Thank you for the post, with you new upgrades, sounds you are taking this seriously to protect your business plus your customers. Will drive from Hazel Green to eat with you. Thanks”

– Lynda H
These 4 Tools Can Help Restaurants Combat the Effects of Coronavirus

“If a device critiquing your hand-washing methods is not enough to ward off harmful bacteria and viruses, the HandScanner from PathSpot can take hand cleanliness even further by scanning a hand washer’s hands for any remaining traces of harmful germs.”
Slide Getting Back to Work: Hand Scanners and Social Distancing Apps

“For us, first it’s employee safety, second it’s customer safety,” said Bill Phelps, CEO of Dave’s Hot Chicken. “We’ve continually monitored the situation, looking for best practices in the industry.”
“We have added significant new additions to our food safety practices! #Handwashing is #1 at our DQ’s (510 Cason Ln & 2910 S. Rutherford Blvd). Today we installed new hand scanners capable of detecting the presence of food-borne illness and other viruses, along with touch-less paper towel dispensers and new antibacterial soap dispensers. Our entire crew will be required to wash and scan their hands for effectiveness every hour (minimum). Every time an employee washes their hands it will logged by facial recognition! #EatSafe”

– Dairy Queen Grill & Chill (2910 S Rutherford Blvd, Murfreesboro, TN)
“Thank you for the post, with you new upgrades, sounds you are taking this seriously to protect your business plus your customers. Will drive from Hazel Green to eat with you. Thanks”

– Lynda H
“A lot of health problems come from people not washing their hands, and we train, we train, we train. But, now we have a check!”

– Chuck Hammers, Owner of Pizza My Heart

Build Consumer Trust and Employee Safety

How It Works

Set Handwashing Goals SET HANDWASHING GOALS Leverage PathSpot's HandScanner Handwashing Goals feature and Compliance data to set and accomplish goals specific to your location's staffing, schedule, and handwashing expectations. Progress towards goals and handwashing data can be accessed through your PathSpot SafetySuite Hub and directly on the PathSpot HandScanner AlertsHub. Wash Hands WASH HANDS Team members complete a full 20-second handwash with warm water and soap. Place Hands Under Hand Scanner PLACE HANDS UNDER HANDSCANNER After each handwash, team members simply place their hands under the PathSpot Hand Scanner to complete a quick scan to detect for dangerous contaminants. Flip Hands Over FLIP HANDS OVER The PathSpot HandScanner scans both sides of hands to identify any contaminants on all parts of team members’ hands and wrists. Instant Feedback PathSpot Result Screens INSTANT FEEDBACK PathSpot HandScanner detects contaminants in just two seconds with real-time feedback on the quality of each handwash. Team members will safely return to work or be directed to rewash and rescan to validate the contaminants have been removed, before anyone gets sick.
Monitor Data MONITOR DATA Monitor activity on your PathSpot SafetySuite Hub to identify and correct gaps in handwashing compliance and to build a positive culture of safety and sanitation.