The PathSpot HandScanner hand sanitizing system scans hands and detects harmful contaminants that spread common illnesses in just two seconds. Simply wash, dry and scan hands. By collecting data on the frequency and effectiveness of your team’s handwashing, you can ensure your team’s and customers’ health and safety.

Instantly Detect Harmful Contaminants to Prevent the Spread of Harmful Illness

Set Handwashing Goals SET HANDWASHING GOALS Leverage PathSpot's HandScanner Handwashing Goals feature and Compliance data to set and accomplish goals specific to your location's staffing, schedule, and handwashing expectations. Progress towards goals and handwashing data can be accessed through your PathSpot SafetySuite Hub and directly on the PathSpot HandScanner AlertsHub. Wash Hands WASH HANDS Team members complete a full 20-second handwash with warm water and soap. Place Hands Under Hand Scanner PLACE HANDS UNDER HANDSCANNER After each handwash, team members simply place their hands under the PathSpot Hand Scanner to complete a quick scan to detect for dangerous contaminants. Flip Hands Over FLIP HANDS OVER The PathSpot HandScanner scans both sides of hands to identify any contaminants on all parts of team members’ hands and wrists. Instant Feedback PathSpot Result Screens INSTANT FEEDBACK PathSpot HandScanner detects contaminants in just two seconds with real-time feedback on the quality of each handwash. Team members will safely return to work or be directed to rewash and rescan to validate the contaminants have been removed, before anyone gets sick.
Monitor Data MONITOR DATA Monitor activity on your PathSpot SafetySuite Hub to identify and correct gaps in handwashing compliance and to build a positive culture of safety and sanitation.


PathSpot HandScanner instantly detects contaminants using light fluorescence spectroscopy, an imaging technology frequently used in healthcare. PathSpot detects if gut biome molecules are present in just two seconds using harmless LED lights. Learn more about Instant Detection >


With positive reinforcement and gamification features, PathSpot HandScanner and the SafetySuite tools are engaging training tools for all end users. Let PathSpot SafetySuite serve as your co-manager for your employees.

Handwashing Tracking Options

PathSpot HandScanners empower teams to track hand hygiene at the team or individual level with visibility into handwashing frequency, activity logs, and handwashing quality directly on the HandScanner.

Employee ID Codes for Individual Tracking

Using unique employee ID codes, know who’s washed their hands and when.

RFID Badges for Individual Tracking

PathSpot HandScanners seamlessly integrates with RFID badges, allowing team members to quickly scan their badges before using the HandScanner.

Anonymous Setting for Team Tracking

Track at the team level and keep individual user data anonymous.


Train your team to achieve 100% health and safety compliance by setting and tracking handwashing goals specific to your company objectives and CDC and FDA guidelines. Work with your dedicated PathSpot Account Manager to create a team culture aligned on the importance of health and safety.

Goal tracking and handwashing data are visible on the PathSpot SafetySuite Hub and the HandScanner AlertsHub so team members know if they can meet hand hygiene standards. Using PathSpot’s HandScanner Handwashing Goals feature and Compliance Dashboard, you can set a standard of handwashing performance for your team and gauge how closely they match the expected metrics.


With a quick installation process and an intuitive user experience, it takes just minutes to start leveraging the PathSpot HandScanner, providing invaluable feedback and data to advance your hygiene goals.

Setup Requirements: 

  1. Wall space near designated handwashing sinks. See examples here >
  2. Access to an electrical outlet.
  3. WiFi capabilities to allow data to upload to your PathSpot Account. 

Having temporary WiFi issues? Handwashing data is stored locally and will sync to your PathSpot Account when the HandScanner reconnects to WiFi.

Try PathSpot HandScanner Now

You will receive:

PathSpot HandScanner with wall-mounting hardware, a power cord, installation guide, and PathSpot HandScanner manual.

Three “Wash, Dry, Scan” tiles as well as access to training materials and signage to integrate into your existing handwashing trainings and standard operating procedures.

Access to real-time handwashing data and actionable insights.

Optional individualized tracking through codes or RFID badges.

Dedicated account manager to provide tailored support services, such as goal-setting sessions and data reviews.


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