1. Install
    The device(s) should be installed next to each designated hand sink in the food preparation area so employees can scan after handwashing. To install the Hand Scanner, your facilities team member or tech will just need a drill, a screwdriver, and a 3/16” bit. The Installation Guide is located in your hand scanner package.
  2. Register
    When you power on the device, you will be prompted to connect to WiFi and then enter your device registration code. Please check your store email for your registration code or text/call us at 718-550-0040.
  3. Calibrate
    Once the device comes online, scan after every handwash to calibrate your device. The light-based detection uses machine learning to adjust to your unique light environment. This process requires 40 data points (40 handwashes followed by  a scan). When there are enough data points and calibration is complete, the device will begin detecting accurately.
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