We’re partnering with insurance carriers to reward the restaurants that prioritize health and safety.

PathSpot empowers businesses to protect their brands from costly and dangerous incidents, and proactively prevents loss incurred by insurance carriers.

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Restaurant Operator

Restaurant Operators

We’re working with leading insurance carriers and other partners to reward our clients that operate restaurants for their investment in hygiene, and incentivize their team members for their compliance.

Are you receiving the most competitive rates on the policies that you need to protect your business?

See if you qualify for preferred pricing or access to services from our partners, including:

  • General Liability policies
  • Workers’ Compensation policies
  • Business Owners’ policies (BOPs)
  • Specialty Outbreak coverage

Innovator in Insurance

Insurance Innovators

Handwashing is the easiest, least expensive, and most impactful solution in restaurants to protect against the transmission of illnesses that can lead to widespread outbreaks.

  • Improve Retention

    As smart technology meets the restaurant Back of House, insureds are demanding cutting-edge risk management technology. We can help you, help them.

  • Reduce Risk

    89% of the outbreaks that are caused by restaurant workers come from poor handwashing. We’ll help you improve your loss ratio by targeting the root cause.

  • Gain Insight

    We hold the keys to behavioral data that have never existed in the history of food service. Gain a competitive edge by leveraging information on every segment you service.

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