As part of the PathSpot SafetySuite, you can now keep your teams on track with the digital task management solution that puts safety at the center. Use any device to create, view, and respond to tasks. Your powerful centralized data hub allows for control and oversight from any connected device.


Streamline Operations with Digital Task Management and SOP System

Food and Beverage Industry
Replace paper checklists and SOP documents

Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry
Control, assign and track time-sensitive tasks

Automate completion and creation of tasks to facilitate operations

Highly Regulated Industries
Track real-time performance of audit tasks and corrective actions


Customizable and Assignable Forms to Help Teams Stay On Track Throughout the Day

Maintain digitized records and SOP tasks
Manage real-time activities and track progress on critical tasks and log lists

View real-time progress on repetitive tasks
Create interconnected tasks that autocomplete or only appear when relevant

Lock “overdue tasks” to prevent employee shortcuts or errors 
Prevent back-dating or pencil-whipping with photos and other error-proofing and training purposes


PathSpot SafetySuite: Boost Productivity, Streamline Compliance and Operations

Integrates with HRIS, scheduling, and ERP systems

Export information needed for Audit Management

Ensure employees’ tasks are completed while off-site

Keep teams stay on course with digital task management solutions prioritizing safety.

Create and respond to tasks and integrate software with real-world operations.


Customize your PathSpot AlertsHub to Meet Your Operational Needs

Create task lists customized to your operational needs

Manage due dates for your tasks and permissions for alerts

Receive alerts when tasks become overdue or action required


Integration with Other PathSpot SafetySuite Tools to Grow with You

Complete compliance hub with employee daily check-ins,
SOP audits, and location compliance forms

Trigger tasks and corrective actions based on real-time health risks

All-in-one Platform

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PathSpot’s SafetySuite

PathSpot analytics easily accessed–wherever you are: in-store on the AlertsHub, via fully-configurable text/email alerts or the 24/7 Data Hub–delivering insights in all things safety.

PathSpot label system pairs with printers making food label printing easy and fast. Simply select the food category, select the label’s details, then click “quick print,” and so much more.

PathSpot’s HandScanner detects harmful contaminants that spread common illnesses. By collecting data on your team’s handwashing, protects your customers’ health and safety.

PathSpot’s low-cost temperature and humidity loggers track performance data, syncing data directly to the HandScanners AlertsHub onsite and the SafetySuite Hub.

  • “There’s no question that I can see, by name, by restaurant, who is washing their hands and scanning them, and that those scans are proving proper handwashing. You can’t put an importance on it. It’s everything.”

    Rich Van Buskirk, Owner, Dairy Queen Franchises
  • “Oh, it’s fantastic. It’s an extra layer of defense … It’s an absolutely phenomenal tool … If we only have two scans, I’m going to say—we’re not washing our hands. So this becomes a coaching, training tool and helps us become better.”

    Adam Fischer, Director of Operations for SSP America at Seattle-Tacoma Airport
  • “We chose to go with PathSpot to give us an extra step—an extra step that’s going to ensure that clean hands are what’s working in our kitchen. Everyone wants to be safe. Everyone wants to be sure that they’re safe. And that’s a priority of ours.”

    Deryl Pangelinan, Director of Operations, Dave’s Hot Chicken San Diego
  • “PathSpot has given us the tools to measure and improve our sanitation practices. But more importantly, working with the PathSpot team has created an even greater overall sensitivity to and awareness of food safety in our restaurants. Having already engaged the PathSpot system well before the Coronavirus outbreak, I'm confident in how our team prioritizes handwashing and in this unprecedented environment, that priority will remain a critical focus.”

    Colin McCabe, Co-founder, Chopt Creative Salad Co.
  • “The health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff is of critical importance...All of us have a role to play in keeping ourselves, our families and our communities safe. The most effective measures to prevent infection, according to the CDC, include washing your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.”

    Pamela Sikes MS, FNP-BC, Director of Student Health Center, University of San Diego

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Importance of Temperature Monitoring in Food Manufacturing Safety

Ensuring safety in food manufacturing is critical. Real-time monitoring, accountability, and adherence to HACCP standards are essential. Digitizing temperature operations fosters trust, minimizes food spoilage, improves efficiency, and reduces costs. Elevate your compliance and safety to set new food manufacturing safety standards benchmarks.

Creating a Culture of Cleanliness: Strategies for Food Service & Hospitality Success

Creating a Culture of Cleanliness is more important than ever. Explore how integrating systematic hygiene protocols, fostering management commitment, using cutting-edge digital solutions and providing ongoing training for cleanliness standards will elevate your business to maintain the highest food safety standards in the hospitality industry.

Game-Changers in Food Safety and Compliance for Hotel Restaurants

PathSpot’s SafetySuite revolutionizes food safety and compliance in hotel restaurants by offering digital solutions for continuous monitoring, team accountability, and adherence to HACCP standards. Digitizing operations, from temperature checks to task management, enhances customer trust and experience. With tools like PowerTemp, PowerTasks, PowerLabels, and the HandScanner, PathSpot ensures regulatory compliance, improves safety audits, and supports data-driven decision-making, setting a new benchmark in hospitality industry standards.


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CEO at Klinic

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