PathSpot is the Health and Safety Operating System for the Smart Restaurant,  Commercial Kitchen, Food Manufacturer, Food Service and Hospitality Industry

PathSpot is the Health and Safety Operating System for the Smart Restaurant,  Commercial Kitchen, Food Manufacturer, Food Service and Hospitality Industry

Control at your Fingertips

PathSpot Delivers Unprecedented Control and Insights in your Operations

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Control and Insights

Operational Efficiency

Consumer Safety

Employee Safety

SafetySuite Hub PathSpot

SafetySuite Hub

SafetySuite Hub delivers data to fingertips--where ever you are. On the AlertsHub in store, through fully configurable text and email alerts. Or though the 24/7 Data Dashboard--providing safety wherever you need them, cutting average response time from 2 hours to less than 2 minutes!

HandScanner PathSpot


The PathSpot HandScanner detects for harmful contaminants that spread common illnesses in just two seconds. Simply wash, dry and scan hands. By collecting data on the frequency and effectiveness of your team’s handwashing, you can ensure the health and safety of your team and customers.

PowerTemp PathSpot


PathSpot’s low cost temperature and humidity loggers upload data to the PathSpot Dashboard and sync data directly to the PathSpot CommandCenter within the location to provide an instant reading into temperature and humidity and trending data over time.

PowerLabels PathSpot


PathSpot now pairs with printers to make food label printing easy and fast. Configure custom designs and save time and costs with automatic timestamps and expiration dates.

PowerTasks PathSpot


PathSpot PowerTasks allows for multiple customizable and assignable forms, so teams can stay organized and on track throughout the day. Save time and keep digitized records of completion for important tasks such as Opening, Closing, Catering, LTO Promotion, HACCP, and Inventory task lists.


SafetySuite Hub

Your PathSpot SafetySuite Hub, access cloud-based analytics from anywhere you are…desktop, app, or in-store.

One powerful centralized data hub for control and oversight from any connected device

Instant analytics with threshold monitoring to help maintain consistent, high-quality Food Safety Standards

Monitor, measure, and analyze at the company, store, and employee levels

Permissions management controls data sharing at different levels across the organization

Recommendation engine with proactive interventions based on large data set of employee behavior

Eliminate managing handwritten audit binders and checklists with exports for Audit Management

The PathSpot Promise

We are your Partners in Health and Safety with White Glove onboarding and ongoing support.

We go beyond webinars and demos, or product documentation.

Ongoing Meetings

Data Analysis

Key Findings & Benchmarks

Actionable Recommendations

Goal Setting and Alignment

Employee Adoption Plans

We’re an extension of your Health & Safety Team.

  • “There’s no question that I can see, by name, by restaurant, who is washing their hands and scanning them, and that those scans are proving proper handwashing. You can’t put an importance on it. It’s everything.”

    Rich Van Buskirk, Owner, Dairy Queen Franchises
  • “Oh, it’s fantastic. It’s an extra layer of defense … It’s an absolutely phenomenal tool … If we only have two scans, I’m going to say—we’re not washing our hands. So this becomes a coaching, training tool and helps us become better.”

    Adam Fischer, Director of Operations for SSP America at Seattle-Tacoma Airport
  • “We chose to go with PathSpot to give us an extra step—an extra step that’s going to ensure that clean hands are what’s working in our kitchen. Everyone wants to be safe. Everyone wants to be sure that they’re safe. And that’s a priority of ours.”

    Deryl Pangelinan, Director of Operations, Dave’s Hot Chicken San Diego
  • “PathSpot has given us the tools to measure and improve our sanitation practices. But more importantly, working with the PathSpot team has created an even greater overall sensitivity to and awareness of food safety in our restaurants. Having already engaged the PathSpot system well before the Coronavirus outbreak, I'm confident in how our team prioritizes handwashing and in this unprecedented environment, that priority will remain a critical focus.”

    Colin McCabe, Co-founder, Chopt Creative Salad Co.
  • “The health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff is of critical importance...All of us have a role to play in keeping ourselves, our families and our communities safe. The most effective measures to prevent infection, according to the CDC, include washing your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.”

    Pamela Sikes MS, FNP-BC, Director of Student Health Center, University of San Diego

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Build Consumer Trust and Employee Safety

PathSpot’s SafetySuite helps demonstrate your commitment to health and safety. By Creating workplace measurable changes, you inspire trust in your patrons and boost your bottom line. The SafetySuite hardware and software operating system gives you the most control and oversight you’ve experienced. The public is more focused on safety and hygiene practices than ever before. PathSpot allows you to meet the rising expectations of your customers and team members by preventing detrimental outbreaks.

The PathSpot SafetySuite Hub delivers instant feedback, insights into data trends, and recommendations that reduce risks, empowering you to take quick action for long-term business impact. Insights and alerts are delivered both at the in-store and oversight aggregate level–delivered directly to the Inbox of key stakeholders and management team members to track ongoing performance so that you can quickly provide a safe and healthy environment for your customers and your staff.

PathSpot in the News

Game-Changing Tools for Food Safety Management

PathSpot’s SafetySuite enhances global food safety management by automating compliance with industry standards like HACCP–ensuring accurate data recording & preventing errors, financial losses, & foodborne illnesses. SafetySuite offers real-time temperature monitoring, instant alerts, digital checklists, and a centralized dashboard. It’s used successfully in restaurants like Starbucks & Taco Bell.

How Digital Temperature Monitoring Elevates Hotel Kitchens Food Safety

Precision and food safety is critical in a hotel commercial kitchen. Every dish created must meet the highest taste, presentation, and, most importantly, safety standards. This is where temperature monitoring is critical, ensuring that your culinary creations are not only delicious but also adhere to strict food safety guidelines and regulations.

Digital Labeling Revolutionizes Food Safety

Labeling plays a critical role in the food industry, encompassing retail, restaurants, and manufacturing plants. However, the manual labeling process can be tedious and prone to errors.

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