PathSpot services organizations hoping to protect their team members and customers by providing real-time detection of harmful contantaminants and identifying handwashing trends.

You will recieve

PathSpot Hand Scanner with wall-mounting hardware, a power cord, installation guide, and PathSpot manual.

Three “Wash, Dry, Scan” tiles as well as access to training materials and signage to integrate into your existing handwashing trainings and standard operating procedures.

Access to real-time handwashing data and actionable insights.

Optional individualized tracking through codes or RFID badges.

Dedicated account manager to provide tailored support services, such as goal-setting sessions and data reviews.

PathSpot Hand Scanners and Service are currently available. Sign up for the service for $150/month per store up to 2 devices. Request an order below:

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How It Works

The PathSpot Hand Scanner installs at designated handwashing sinks. After washing their hands, employees place their hands under the scanner to check for contamination that transmits illness. After scanning their hands, they receive an instant, actionable result. If contamination is detected, they are directed to rewash and rescan their hands before leaving the station. Managers can monitor handwashing activity on the device screens and on their PathSpot Account. (accessible on web and mobile).

Tracking Options: If Individual tracking is selected, team members will input unique employee ID codes on the screen or scan their badges before scanning, and the data dashboard will show who is washing, when, and how well. Team-level tracking with individual data is also available.

Installation, Dimensions, & Requirements
Full Product Spec Sheet
Dimensions: 11.73″ wide x 4.31″ height x 8.4″ depth

WiFi is required to set up the device and to push data to your data dashboard so you can monitor handwashing activity. PathSpot supports most WiFi networks.

Power: the unit plugs into a standard voltage outlet, so proximity to an outlet or a plan to use an extension cord must be in place to install and use.

Installation is simple and self-serve. 4 screws drill into a bracket to mount the hand scanner on the wall. An installation manual is provided. The device should be mounted with the base 55″ from the floor to allow users to read the screen. The device requires 6″ clearance under the base to allow for hands to scan.

Safety and Hygiene

The PathSpot Hand Scanner uses light-based spectroscopy to detect harmful contaminants that can cause common illnesses. It’s been proven to reduce contamination rates by 97% within six months of use, and triple the frequency of handwashing, bringing your business up to 110% compliance with FDA handwashing code. PathSpot Data Dashboard and real-time alerts help pinpoint risk areas, so you can make a plan to address them before they become a problem.

PathSpot technology can help ensure effective and frequent handwashing, one of the best ways to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. While the PathSpot Hand Scanner does not detect directly for COVID-19, by identifying common contaminants found in everyday life, PathSpot identifies overall hand cleanliness and helps ensure handwashing was completed well. Our Hand Scanner is a great tool to add to your arsenal as the pandemic makes the public more conscious of hygiene and safety than ever before.

PathSpot uses visible light fluorescence spectroscopy. LED lights on the bottom of the device emit a specific wavelength of light onto the hands. The target molecules in the contamination are excited by this specific wavelength, and using a series of sensors and filters below the device along with a proprietary algorithm, our system can measure the fluorescent response of that contamination. The detection is a simple yes or no result on whether contamination is present so your team has the information needed to correct risk, instantly.

No, the LED lights are a blue-purple color, but it is not harmful ultraviolet light and is completely safe for routine use.

In the Workplace

Eighty-eight percent of consumers consider good safety and audit ratings in making their dining decisions, with 17% reporting they would never return to a chain if there was an outbreak of foodborne illness at any of its locations. Using PathSpot technology demonstrates a commitment to hygiene and safety. To make sure everyone knows that cleanliness is a top priority for you, PathSpot has created signage, messaging, PR resources, and other materials designed to engage your customers, team members, and the public.

We recommend placing one hand scanner next to each designated handwashing sink. We do not recommend placing them in customer-facing or employee restrooms since employees are required to wash or rewash their hands at designated sinks before handling food. Designated sinks are the best checkpoint to monitor handwashing before food is handled.

Eighty-nine percent of managers report that PathSpot technology saves them time in monitoring handwashing and food safety. With hand scans that take only seconds, your team can get back to work quickly after washing their hands.

With real-time tracking and alerts, gamification options, weekly data summaries, leaderboards, and visual cues, PathSpot technology gets team members engaged in compliance. 97% of employees report that PathSpot technology made them think more critically about food safety on a daily basis. And that engagement leads to measurable improvement, with a 75% reduction in contamination rates after just 60 days of use.

PathSpot fits seamlessly within your existing handwashing routine. The Hand Scanner mounts right next to your handwashing station and after washing and drying your hands, just place your hands under the Hand Scanner to receive an instant result about whether or not your hands are contaminant free.

Nuts and Bolts

Yes! PathSpot also lets you filter data by location, so you can pinpoint risk and make sure every location is tracking with your compliance goals. You can also opt in to receive regularly scheduled reports that summarize trends and data across all of your locations.

Little to no maintenance is required! The device should be routinely cleaned in the same way as paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, and other kitchen equipment. If you experience any unexpected issues with any of the units, we’ll ship you a new one overnight to replace it.

Contact us for more information about product pricing.

The PathSpot Hand Scanner takes minutes to install. It is designed to be wall-mounted, non-mobile, and used regularly at designated handwashing sinks. It comes with wall-mounting hardware. We recommend mounting it 50 inches from the floor, with at least six inches of space below it so there is room for your hands. If you would like a demonstration, please contact us.

PathSpot Data lets you track the frequency and effectiveness of handwashing, filtering by location, station, date, time of day, day of the week, or even by individual employee. You can also opt in to weekly insight reports that summarize trends so that you can pinpoint risk and achieve your compliance goals.

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