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The Four Cs: Clean, Cook, Chill, Cross Contamination

In response to COVID-19, restaurants are facing a push for stricter and more transparent food safety practices. As you introduce new tools and procedures into your workflow, it’s essential not to let core food safety procedures slip. In other words, don’t forget about the Four Cs of Food Safety.

  1. Clean: Keeping your hands, surfaces, utensils and food clean is the most effective way you can prevent the spread of harmful illnesses & outbreaks. Make sure you wash your hands for 20 seconds, scrub produce and thoroughly clean food surfaces before and after you use them.

  2. Cook: Using food thermometers, make sure food is cooked until it reaches the proper internal temperatures to kill any germs.

  3. Chill: Make sure you store your food in properly cooled places to make sure food doesn’t collect harmful bacteria.

  4. Cross Contamination: During your prep and cooking, keep raw meat, seafood and poultry away from any fresh produce.

Transitioning to the new COVID-19 world might feel overwhelming. However, by focusing on the Four Cs, you’re already doing some of the work. Are you interested in supplementing your existing efforts with hand scanners that empower you to monitor and improve your handwashing? Just click the button below!

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